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Other Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11243713
1 Auction Of Uncleared Cargo - Lead Scrap, Old Rail & Nails, Machinery Parts, Color Tv14" & 17"(1016 Pcs), Waste Glass Material, Heavy Melting Scrap Etc. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 11270748
2 Auction Sale of Revolving Chairs, Wheel Chairs, Bed Side Lokers, Trolly, Strechers, Bed Rest Stands, Bucket Stand, Wooden Door Frames, Wooden Office Chairs, Wooden Stools, Iron Tray, Iron Stools, Wire-mesh ventilated Office Chairs, Utensils Stand, I.V. Floid Stands, Iron Cots, Iron (Toilet) Chairs, Steel Buckets, Gas Stoves, Tubllight Stands With Choke, Fire Extinguisher Cylinders, Grass Cutting Machine, Refrigerator Stands (Iron), Refrigerator Stands Plastic, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Bins, Plastic Tubs, Plastic Bucket Caps, Plastic Bowls, Plastic Cans, Ceiling Fans, Paddastal Fans, Table Fan, Emergency Lights, Water Coolers, Needle Cutters, Water Purifiers (Aqua Guard), Refrigerators, B P Instruments (Sphygmo Mano, Meeter), Speaker, Inverter Batteries, Wall Clock, Steel Glass, Meusure Glass, Sauce Pan wpth lid, Wooden File Racks, Iron Pipe, Batteries, Electrocardiogram Machine, | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 11301511
3 Auction Sale of Dining Table, Dining Chair, Lecture Stand, Black Board, Hocky Stick, Cane Normal, Chess Board, Black Board, Stand Podiyam, Pointer Staff, Aiming Box, Hockey Stick, Notice Board, Cricket Bat, Training Stick, Cricket Bat, Board White Sun Mica 2.5'x2.5', Identification Board, Black Board With Stand, Office Table, Chair With Arms, Dining Table 8"X3"X2.5, Peg Table 15x15-Teak Wook, Engine Clealing Brush, Wooden Block, Wooden Block, Tubler Table Size 19mm, Coushion Chair M.Wood, Dining Table 4x4 T.Wood S. Mica, Centre Table Kiker Wood, Black Board With Stand, Presco Board With Letters, Caram Board With Coins, Engagement Board, Wooden Door Shutter, Darrie It, T- Shirt + Nicker, Hocky Socks, Wrist Band, Dastana- Parade Commander, Getter, Volley Ball Net, Badminton Net, Knee Cap, Volley Ball Net, Badminton Net, Turbon Complete, Track Suit, Chair Cousion, Towel Set Superior, Blazer Green, Window Curtain, Door Curtain, Towel Medium, Towel Small, Upron, Darri It, Blanket, Trouser Bd, Shirt Angola, Vest Woolen, Under Wear Woolen, Glovse Woolen, Jungle Boot, Gum Boot, Comfort Cap, Blanket, Pant Serge, Shirt Angola, Garam Baniyan, Garam Kache, Cap Componder, Woolen Gloves, Jungle Boot, Gum Boot, Blanket, Pant Serge, Shirt Angola, Garam Baniyan, Garam Kache, Woolen Gloves, Jungle Boot, Cap Componder, Blanket, Pant Serge, Shirt Angola, Woolen Gloves, Jungle Boot, Blanket, Pant Serge, Blanket Ei, Serge Bd, Shirt Angola, Blanket Ei, Serge Bd, Shirt Angola, Batteries Lead, Table, Cello Plastic Chair, Plastic Moulded Chair, Plastic Items, Table Plastic- Regal, Chair Plastic Regal, Pen Stand 4 Pen, Pen Holder, Water Camper-30 Ltr, Sintex-500 Ltr, Tool Case, Pvc Door, Chair Coushion, Helmet, Coir Mate, Foot Mate, Tail Light Glass, Body Indicator, Side Mirror, Service Indicator, Side View Mirror, Indicator Glass, Revolving Light, Side Mirror, Lock Glass, Mirror Interior, Rear View Mirror, Strip Lh/Rh, Bulb Head Lamp, Judo Mat, Basket Ball, Black Belt, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Running Spike Shoe, Badminton Racket, Black Board 6 X 4, Cricket Ball, Hight Machine, Weight Machine, Garden Umbrella, Basket Ball, Jhaller Kamar Band, Black Belt Leather, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Bat Grip, Vicket Keeper Goves Inner, Gamla -12", Red Carpet, Umbrella, Flag Rope, Torch - Lalten, Torch Indo, Nylon Rope- Normal, Lawn Tennis Racket, Badminton Racket, Golf Stick Set, Key Board, Adjuster For Key Board, Lawn Tennis Net, Green Jali- Nylon, Cricket Ball, C.O. Stick Man Set, Hockey Shoes, Bat Grip, Coir Mat Red, Stop Watch, Garden Umbrella, Medicine Ball, Water Camper, Coir Mat - 6x6x7, Metronem Watch, Basket Ball, Coir Mat- Cross Type, Black Board With Stand, Hockey Ball, Hockey Goal Post-Nylon, Garden Umbrella, Goal Keeper Kit, Power Shoes, Shoes Dsc, Table Flag Cross, Belt Black Leather, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Pt Shoes, Portable Disk, Rexin Black Board, Running Spike Shoe, Rope Shishla Normal, Twister With Stand, Jalli With Wooden, Green Jali, Shoes Niva, Cricket Ball, Karate Dastana, Sports Brest, Sports Half Pant, Track Suit, Spike Shoes, Turbon Complete, Parade Commander Dastana, Wistle, Shoes Dsc, Visitor Card 4x6 Pcs, Track Suit, Gum Boot, Spike Shoes, Shoes Dsc, Blacke Belt Leather, Flexo Board 24"X18", Hot Case Tiffin- 5 Set, Hair Brush Barbar, Comb Small Barbar, Machine Screw, Plain Washer Seat, Case Roll, Chess Board Complete, Inspection Lamp, Ped Lock, Valve Dai, Cold Felt Chizal, Tyre Pressuer Gauge, Air Line, Break Beeding Tube, Spacer For Jack, Inspection Lamp, Ped Lock, Valve Dai, Air Line, Break Beeding Tube, Pet Lock, Valve Dai, Helmet, Engine Cleaning Brush, Carbon Brush, C.E. Brush, Metal Set Big & Bearing, Piston Set, Liner Ay, Liner By, Valve Inlet & Exh, Gas Kit Set E/Oh, Fuel Filter, Back Glow Light Board 3x5, Back Glow Light Board, Flex Board With Iron Frame, Photo Frame, Tv Trolly, Rij Pol , Stending Pol 13', Daynig Chair, Pag Table, Chair Wooden, Midum Jharna Picture, Big Jharna Picture, T.V. Trolly, Pac Table Shanmica, Carrom Board With Goti, Sinri Photo Frem, Chakla Belon, Wooden Office Table, Wooden Stool, Photo Wooden, Candal Stand, Bamboo Bow, Bamboo Arrow, Target Face (122 Cm ), Target Face (80 Cm ), Wooden Phatte, Lamination Photo, Standeing Pool 13' Large, Cricket Bat, Sidi Bansh Bamboo, Rifle Rack, Ply Board, Cuorten Braket Ply Rail, Round Sheet Mica, Wooden Saw, Sinmics Sheet, Track Suit Compleate, Tea Shirt Half Baju, Sports Kit Tea Shirt Nikker Set, Sports Shoes Shiv Naresh, Pug Green, Pug Jhalar, Skarp With Motto, Line Yard Coloured, Kamar Band With Jhalar, Belt Lather Black, Formation Sine (L&C), P Cap Juri Officer, Knife Codver Bronze Pcated, Bynot Frog Lether Black, Shoulder Batch Jari, Shourya Dridatha Karm Nishta, Pug Turra, Pug Batch Jari, Shilling 5.56 Insas Rifle, Getter Wshite, Pug Patti, Pug Kulha, Pug Green, Pug Patti, Pug Turra, Pug Jhalar, Pug Waij, Moto, Itbp, Formetion Sine Mix, Kamar Band Jhalar With Waij, Dori Solder, Belt Lather With Black Buccle, Gater White, Inclet Wev Black, C | Due on 01-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Kerala | TID: 11303989
4 Auction Sale of Miscellaneous Items -Used flask, Pillow, Switches, Door closer, Toilet Stand, Bathroom Fittings, Stiched curtains, Kettle used, Blanket used, Floor Mat, Kitchen towels, Mop, Tissues, Soap, Cot part, Glass tray, Show pieces used, Wooden Table, Plastic plates, 2 in 1 Blender, Travel Mug, Scissors set, Rice cooker, Helmet, Crockery, Dining Table used, Cot Part, Cushion used, Car sun film, Wire Roll, Blanket used, Car Horn, Curtain cloth, CDs, 3M audio cable, Audio connecting cable, Extension code(s), Telephone(Panasonic), Doll, Wall clock, Stiched curtain, Hand blender, Glass bowl set, Decoration light balls, LCD wall mount, Bread toaster used, Iron box, Ladies bag, Leather shoe, Mop, Used clothes, Kitchen utensils used, Paper shredder(s), Mixi old & used, Wine glass, Exhaust fan, Used cloth, Stove(Single burner), Sandwich maker used, Portable stand used, Rice cooker used, Washing Machine (Semi-auto) used & old, Rice cooker, Juicer used, Mixi used, Used computer monitor (CRT), Computer set used, Cupboard (Small) used, Bed (double), Bed(double), Bed(double), Bed(double), Sansui Home Theatre used, Microwave Oven used, Flask used, Chandliar` part, Table lamp used, Stiched curtain used, Washing Machine (West Point used), TV(JVC) 21 used, TV (Sony) 25 used, TV(LG) 29 used, Coffee Table, Sony Home Theatre used, Emergency light, Casserole, Pillow, Mixi used, DVD Player used, Blanket used, Crockery, Pillow, Baby carrier, RMG used, Iron Box used, Gas stove 4B, Wooden chair parts used, Weighing machine used, Crockery, Side Table, TV(Vinverth) 14 used, Ironing Table with cabin used, Microwave Oven (Mitsui) used, Used cloth, Crockery, Dust bin, Office Chair used, Used coffee maker, Mixi used, Computer keyboard used, Tube starter, Emergency light used and damaged, Toys used, Cleaning towel, Exhaust fan, Cup & saucer used, Washing machine(old & used) semi auto, Stiched curtain used, Portable Air Conditioner (old & used), Microwave oven(panasonic) used, Show piece, Ladies bag, Scientic calculator used, Phone card reel, Photoframe, Telephone used, Bowl, Chopper, Melamine bowl, Cooking Range (old and used), Kitchen utensils used, Washing machine (IFB) used and old, Ice box used, Door lock, Hinges, Drainage cap (Grating Steel), Paint, Ventilating fan, Fridge(Godrej) used 280 Ltr., Fridge(Super General) used 280 Ltr., Fridge(Venus) used 280 Ltr., Doll, Coffee Table, Carpet piece, Wooden Stand, Side Table used, Wall mount, Kitchen utensils used, Wall mount, Stiched curtains used, Bag, Jamo Home Theatre, Carpet piece, Tefal set, Cycle Pump used, Clock, Toys used, Fan Heater, Plastic Tray, Excerciser, Casserole used, Kettle used, Blanket used, Kitchen utensils used, Cup & saucer, Blanket used, Gas stove 3 B used, Fridge(venus) 300Ltr. Used, Wooden shelf(damaged), Washing machine (top load) used(LG), Prayer mat used, Crockery used, Toys used, Plastic bucket, LED torch used, Hangers used, Crockery used, Sandwich maker used, RMG, Juicer(Electa), Coffee table used, Cot part, Cot part, Cot part, Cot part, Cot part, Mop stick damaged, Sofa 3 seater used, Wooden shelf used, Bed (double) used, Bed (double) used, Bed (double) used, Bed (double) used, Cot base unit, Tools, Tool Box used, Iron box used and old, Knife set(s), Door lock(s), Mixi used and old, Kettle used and old, Curtain cloth, Photo frame(s), Candle set, Knife set, Vegetable pealer, Handle(Bathroom), Cooking bowl, Kitchen towel, Pepper salt set, Empty bottles, Crockery stand(s), Window Air conditioner used and old, Wooden draw used, Sattlite receiver used, Used cloths, Enamal Paint, Telephone used, Incense burner, Extension code used and old, School bag (s), Blanket used and old, Floor mat, Bamboo curtain(s), Safety shoe, used cloths, Fridge(SuperGeneral) used 230 Ltr., Wooden cupboard used, Kitchen utensils used, Wooden cupboard used, Glass frame used, wooden Table used, Plastic flowers, Bamboo curtain, Plastic flower, Printer used, VCR used, DVD used, Computer speaker used, Speaker used, Transformer used, Washing machine(small)( old and used), Carpet (s) used, Knife set used, Computer key board used, Plainer used, Welding equipment used, Tools used, Prayer mat, Tools used, Hair straightner used, Rice cooker used, Torch used, Table used (dismandled ), Quilt used, Cupboard lock used, Cordless phone used, Duplex phone used, Kitchen utensils used, Fax machine used, Printer used, Blanket old and used, Toilet stand used, Photo frame (new), Wooden chair, Washing Machine(Aftron) used, Filler& sealer, Amplifier used, Speaker used, Toy scooter used, Tools used, Door closer used, Tools used, cable, Jacket(s), Block plainer (used), Tools & Plumbing items, Safety shoe used, Jacket, Door closer used, Microwave oven used(s), Welding helmet used, Tools used, Dynamic Microphone, Cloths used, Amplifier used, Prayer mat, Plastic seal covering, Wire rolls, Used cloths, Prayer mat, Tools used, Prayer mat used, Carpet used, Revolving chair (used), Steel crockery stand used, Laptop | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 11335197
5 Auction Sale of Condemned Store Of Brass Band Items, Etc, E Waste Items, Etc, Obsolete Store Of Si ( Clothing ), Etc - Db Piccolo, Db Flute, Oboe, Bb. Clarinet Bs, Bb Clarinet Ss, Eb Tenors Saxophone , Eb Alto Saxophone , Basson , Bb Trumpet , Bb Cornet , Bb Slide Trombone , Bb Bass Trombone, Eb Euphonium , Eb Sousaphone , Eb Bass , Bass Drum , Triangle , Funfair Trumpet , Cavalry Trumpet , F Horn , Symbol , Metronome Watch , Bass Drum Sikanja , Pholiyo Leather , Iron Stand Pholio , Markesh , Bass Drum Stand , Brass Band Program Board , Bass Drum Silling , Side Drum Silling , Crpf Badge Steel (Small ) , Marching Stick Black , Conducting Stick White, Bb Bass Silling White Regzine , White Leather Belt , Reed Cutter , Blue Pant , Red Coat , Long Spade, Red Beret Cap , White Coat , Blue Cloth Pagree , Dress Cord , Appulet , Monogram Card, Belt Golden Zari , Benner Dark Blue , White Coat , Pagree Cloth Dark Blue , Dress Cord , Appulet , Long Spade , Monogram Card , Sign Formation , Red Cullah , Blue Cullah , Blue Pant Woolen , Blue Pant Red Patti Summer , Blue Pant Red Patti Golden Zari , Kammar Jallar Dark Blue, Kammar Jallar Sky Blue , Euphonium Cover Khaki , Band Master Belt , Band Master P. Cap , Benner Crpf Monogram , Kammar Patta Sky Blue , Bass Cover Khaki, Pagree Cloth Red , Pagree Turrah Dark Blue , Red Coat Woolen , Pagree Patti Silver Colour , Pagree Patti Blue , Turrah Silver Patti , Bass Drum Apron White T/C , Rank Set For Sos , Barret Cap Blue , 4 M Extendable Tent Pin Tent Angle , 4 M Extendable Tent Inner Crass Bracing , Bunting Flag( Red & Blue), Moulded Visitor Chair Supreme, Crpf Flag, Sector Flag, Flag 1.5 Mtr, Coir Mat In Mtr, Carpet Royal Blue Acrylic, Marker Red Carpet, Marker Green Carpet Synthetic Type, Marker Green Carpet Synthetic, Carpet Acrylic Red Colour, Synthetic Mat Red Color, Football, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Basket Ball, Sports Shoes, Hockey Shoes, Warm Shoes, Football Shoes, P.T.Shoes, Socks Large, Socks Large, Track Suit, Track Suit, Track Suit, T.Shirt, T.Shirt, T.Shirt, Judo Dress, Golf Ball, Gloves For Golf, Hand Gloves For Hockey, Hockey Ball, Randa Blade 2”, Electric Randa, Electric Drill Machine, Drill Bit, Jamura 8”, Arri Small Size 16”, Arri Big Size 18”, Steel Randa Small 9”, Steel Randa 16”, Marking Gauge 12”, Screw Driver In Set, Pinnasar Jamboora, Measurement Tape 3 Mtr., Big File, Cross Mall, Tikera, Vaswala, Hemmer 150 Gm, Hemmer 20 Gm, Try Angular File, Oil Stone, Motti Chills Files, Head Drill Bit, Hox Ari Band Drum, Hand Drill Wooden, Basing, Giri Randa , Noki Randa, Empty Drum 20 Ltr. (Phenol), Hammer 1lbs, Scissors For Mocha, Jamura For Mochi, Cutter Small, Cutter Large, Plair Tata, Tool Box For Mochi, Tripod For Mochi, Shaving Brush, Shaving Brush Container, Looking Glass Small, Razer, Comb Hair Large, Barber Cloth, Comb Hair Small, Electric Hair Cutting Machine, Non Electric Hair Cutting Machine, Non Electric Hair Cutting Machine, Scissor, Hair Brush, Nail Cutter, Racer Open Type, Water Bottle Spray, Oil Stone , Appron 1.5 Mtr White Cloth, Black Cloth, Plastic Chair, Center Table Wooden, Dining Table Plastic, Pack Side Table, Plastic Round Table, Plastic Dining Chair, Switch 15 Amp, Socket 15amp, Switch 5amp, Socket 5amp, Fuse, Indicater, Wire 4 Mm In Mtr, Board, Sheet, Ply Board With Sunmica, Asstt Table Three Drawalsize 1370x820x762 , Steel Bench Without Back, Book Selvas Case Steel Size-66x33x12, Bounting Pole 20’, Steel Cot Folding Niwar, Duck Cotton Tarpoline , Eva Portable Air Cooler 4000 Cum, C.B Chair Without Arms, Heat Convetor, Meat And Milk Safe, C.B Chair With Arms, Rack Steel Small, Recodex Matel Felling Cabinet, Rack Wooden S/Top 36”X39”X18”, Show Case, Conopy Board With Frame Blue Along Golden Velvat, Table Steel Officer With Drawel, Table Steel 3’x2’ Typist, Table Office 1800x900, Table Small Glass Top With Teapoy Corner 14x22x16, Table Small S/Top 33x16x33, Tawal Stand, Table Wooden Work Shop, Water Bucket Iron, Washer Man Table, Eva Portable Air Cooler Made Of Crown 5000 Cm, Water C Ooler Autocut Facilities 150 Ltr, Autometic Steblizer Single Phase 2kva, Desert Air Cooler 3000/4000/5000, Foot Rest Wooden, Room Air Cooler 4000 Avon, Jute Met In Mtr, Curtain Window , Metress Best Quality, Isi Marker Disnification System 3lmp, Flud Light, Lamp Hpsv For 150 Watt, Lamp Holer , Three Pin Plug, Switch Single Pole, Socket Out Let, Switch Socket Out Combination Unit, Electric Fan Regulater, Room Heater Doble Rod, Cotton Tape Niwar, Insulation Water Heater 1.5 Watt, Shaluting Base Conopy 16x10x2x10, Shaluting Base Conopy Uper Cover 70x20, Acrylic Carpet 1000 Gm Blue Clour In Sqr Fit, Flag .75 Cm, Side Piller Cover, Acrylic Carpet 1000 Mg, Front Board Cover 6.10x.75 Cm, Celling Sky Blue Polyster Cloth With Jhaller Yellow, Ceiling Side Jhaller (Langot), Ulp Breif Case, Music System T-Series, Cd Plarer T-Series, Chair Steel Frame With Cussion Seat And Best Quality, Garden Chair Round Shape Best Quality, Re | Due on 06-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 11353485
6 Auction Sale of Stc,Barcelo Rum, Imperial Alc, , Imperial 2000 Cartons 6 Per Carton Of 700 Ml.Each, Blanco 500 Cartons 12 Per Carton Of 750 Ml.Each, Anejo 500 Cartons 12 Per Carton Of 750 Ml.Each, Grand Anejo 500 Cartons 12 Per Carton Of 750 Ml.Each, Dorado 500 Cartons 12 Per Carton Of 750 Ml.Each, Ordinary Portland Cement Brand 'Lucky Cement, Diesel Generator Set Volvo Penta, Automotive Wiring Harness Assembled, Stc A765 Kv Hardware Fitting For Quad Bersimis Acsr, Auto Parts Such As Glass Beam Sealed, Fuel Pump, Clutch Disc, Carbon Brushes, Glow Plugs Etc Made In Japan, Cable Renault, Electronic Goods Viz. Digital Music Player I.E. Mp3, Mp4, Digital Cameras, Pc Cameras Etc. & Acc, Old & Used Photo Copiers Of Various Models & Brands. I.E. Xerox, Nylon Supplex Fabrics With W/R Finished, 26 Ctn Stc 94 Rolls, Pkgs (102 Ctns + 1 Roll) Contents, Pallets Containing 6258 Pcs Metal Halida Discharge Lamps Assorted Wattage , Machinery Castilla, Pallet (2 C/S) Stc 749 Sets - Assy Disc Spring, Units Manitowoc Crane Parts, Boom,3 Units Lying, With Iron Rope, Crane Cabin Without Boom, Pressure Gauges Of Various Pressures, Cases Stc One Shipset Of Marine Reduction Gear Boxes, Pallets Containing Religious Material/Books, Stc Cpp Propulsion System And Acces Sories For One Ship, Set Auxiliary Marine Diesel Generating Sets, Pallets Components Of Colour Tv, Cases Die Block Machinery Die Blocks, Spares Accessoreies & Sample Plastic Parts Of Tc Cabinets, Cable Drums. 54812 Mtrs. Optical Fibre Cables, Bearings Morris Oxford B4170m & M3157m Connecting Rod Bearings & Main Bearing, Open Flat Container Containing 1 No.Rotary Indexing Spm Machine Base. C/O Usa Machine Type 8 Stn. Rot.Spm. Machine, Lead & Gear Tester, Polyester Dyed Fabrics, Used Photo Finishing System With Standard Accessories, Printer ProcessorBrand, Film Processor Brand, Digital Colour Printer, Used Photo Finishing System With Standard Accessories, Unworked Rough Semi Precious Stones, Old And Used Tyres Without Tubes. | Due on 05-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 11353678
7 Auction Sale of Donated Breast Implants., Glass Bottles, Bottles, Alchemia Infusion By Gin Brokers, Plastic Bottles, Bacardi Rum Light Dry White And Gold Carta Blanca Superior, Johnie Walker'brand Blue Lable Blended Scotch Whisky, 1 Ltr Each Bottle, Johnie Walker' Brand Red Label,Old Scotch Whisky. Each Bottle 750 Ml Distilled & Blended,Prodict Of Scotland, Mixed Lot Of Irish Whisky Brands Like Jameson, Bushmill, Havanna Rum London, Clan Campbell Scotch, Aberlour Austic Nichol, Wild Turky Usa, Bourbon Etc. Product Of Ireland, Scotland, Cuba Etc, Old Monk Rum Bottles, Martini Rosso Vermouth,750 Ml Each Alcohol, Cylinders With Nozzle Caps, I/Steel Empty Cylinders, Cylinders, Empty I/Steel Cylinder With Nozzle, Case Containing 1 Empty Cylinder, Case Iron & Steel Empty Cylinder, Empty Aluminium Cylinder, One Crate Contg One Cylinder, Cylinder Rusty,Damaged, Lpg Canister, Video Cassette Tapes, Drum, P/Bags, Ladies'90% Nylon,10% Spandex Knitted Briefs, Clocks & Toys, Pcs Of Plastic Clocks, Railroad Cross Ties, Chairs, Steel Moulds,Racks, Angles,Old & Used Blower Chairs And Glass Table Etc, Radiator, Stc Bovine Leather Chrome Tanned, Mineral Fibre Blanket With Wire Mesh, Poly Bags Contents, Waste Paper, Machinery (Heating Element Along With Accessories), P/Bags+ 17 I/Steel/Drum + 1 Plastic Drum, Empty Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crate Broken Planks, Fly Ash. Export Cargo, Audio Magnetic Tape Acme, Pcs Components Of Energy Saving Lamp, Panasonic Ideas For Life, Containing 6 Pcs Control, Printing Machine, Pcs Hose Pipes, Mixture For Filler In The Form Of White Powder, Cartons Containing 4224 Pcs Epoxy Putty Stick Steel, Used Machinery Parts, Ctns Contents, Cartridges, Pcs Plastic Advertising Boards, Pcs. Pvc Heat Shrink Plastic For Labelling Samples Of Various Brands, Pcs Pvc Heat Shrink Sleeves Various Colours, Microtape Adhesive Small Tape Sample, Empty King Brand Tape, Apex Self Adhesive Tape, Blue Bird Brand Foam Tape Self Adhesive,1 Pc Blue Bird Brand Double Side Adhesive Foam Tape, 2 Pcs Garnet Rayon Thread,1 Pc Garnet Of Nylon Thread & 2 Pcs Emplty Plastic Bottle. Total 729 Pcs, Hotel Directories, Boxes Contents 1 Pc.Wooden Cradle Size L-140"X W-92" X Th-30",1 Pc. Submarine Pump Model Sp-5200 Ac 220-240 V 50 Hz 60 W,1 Pc. Stone Made Statue Of Buddha Partly Damaged, One Ctn=(5 Plastic Cans + 3 Plastic Bottles), Optical Lenses, Brochures, Stikers Etc, Pcs. Wooden Pallets, Used Gear Box, Ctns Contg.Paper Carry Bags/ Folders & Magazines, Pcs.Paper Carrybags Marked Rib Software, Feature Planni Ng & Const. With Models.Printed Publ By Rib Software, Pcs. Hcg Boxes, Pcs Of Back Support Of Elastic Strap Posture Chair, Pallet (Package) Containing Hot Water Boiler For One Ship, Wooden Box Stc 01 Iron & Steel Cylinder Containing Oil Seperator (Bromotrifluoromethane) Ad Ss Xx Refrigerant, Pallet=Stc 14 Ctns Contents - Folders- 300pcs, Note -900 Pcs, Jelly Beans-200 Pcs, Pen-800pcs, Curvey Ball Pens- 1000 Pcs, Cut Calender Sheet, Ctns Of Washing Machine Spare Parts, Pressure Switch, Function Switch, Control Panel Assembly, Etc, Hr I/Steel Coil Magnetic & Rusty, Coil Of Steel Wire Rod, Ctns Stc 19760 Pcs Plastic Earring Insert, Case=1290 Pcs Meteon, Case Stc (6960 Pcs) Trespa Sheets, Boras Wool Waste, Printed Paper Material In Rolls & Loose, Components For Car Stereo.1)Capacit Ors, Diodes(2000 Pcs). 3)Conductors(2800 Pcs).4)Resistors( 48000 Pcs).5) Quartz Crystals(1000 P Cs).6)Pilot Lamps(3000 Pcs).7)Coils (3900 Pcs).8)Transistors(3500 Pcs). 9)Transformers(990 Pcs).10)Switches (2000 Pcs).11)Indicators(1080 Pcs). 12)Pcb(2500 Pcs).13misc.Items-Pcb, Electronic Plastic Moulded Components Cassete Recorder Of 2000 Sets Sharp Model. 1)Inside Plastic Moulded Top Cover. 2)Metallic Top Body Cover 3)Plastic Front Panel 4)Plastic Back Cover 5)Metallic (Pressed) Moulded Bottom Cover. 6)Wires Connectors Springs, Small Plastic Parts Etc, Pcs.Development System Copy, Pcs-Memory Pcb, Fcl Container, Empty Wooden Spools, Bag Stc Organic Pigments, U Shaped Cement Block With Two Iron Hooks, Containing Security Systems. | Due on 04-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Stainless Steel | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11366368
8 Auction Sale of Vehicle Flamable Liquid Powered (Desert Bike), Atlox 4894, Attagel 50, Ziboxan Rd (Chemicals), N-Prponal Un-1274 X 64 Ltr/ Lot 50000486, Librel Zn Chemical, Mycophenocate Mofetil Chemical, Pantoprazole Soduim Sesquthydrate, Weight,, Oxidizer Chemical, Chemicals, Chemical Product, Aerosil 200 Chemical, Chemical Product, Fexofenadine Hcc - Liquid, Oligonuc Chemical, Aqualon Cmc 9m8f Ph Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose (22.86 Kgs), Gamma Heptalacton - 1, 3,4-Dimethyl -1,2- Cyclo Pentadione 1, Trans-2, Trans -4,- Decedienal -1 Propion Hydrade, Miethyl Aceamid, Carboxylic Acid Chemical, Amino Powder Va, Ethyl Levulinat, Chemical Prod, Avition Regulated Liquid, Amantadine Hydrochlori De, Harmless Chemic, D-Illegible, Agriculturalch, Titanium Dioxid, N-Methyl, Amines, Plate Kit, Methyacrylate, , Amisa, Chemical, Pyriproxifen, Analytical, Equi, Lab, Equipment, Hlm, Flavour Glacife, Chemical Prod, Chemical Prod, Vanillin, Polyacrylic Aci, Sallnomycin Antibiotic, 4-Hydroxy, Galantamine, Cool Agua, Enzyme, Adult Bovine Serum, Plastic Barelle, Loggers, Medical Drugs, Comat Shipment Rto, Pharmaceutical, Campioni Farma, Rubber Stoper, Personal Effect, Housings, Brand - Plates (Pharmaceuticals, Housings (Hospital Consumable Items), Kool Lit Chemical, 12 V Adoptor, High Temparature Pda Bulb (Electric), Limulus Amebocyte Chemical, Clothes, Magzines, Armadi Cabine Alf Magzines, Cd's & Documents, Cloride Powder Chemical (Pharmaceuticals), Pharma Product, Expiry In 2015, Tablets Expired On Empty Bottles 04-2011, Medical Liquids, Chemicals - Batch No - 111121317 Qty- 500gms, Holland Tableting Science, Gross Wgt 1kg, Networking Equipment – Telephonic Equipment, Base Station, Visual Uptime, Telecom Equipt, Computer Parts, Pc Boards, Mouse Pad, Play Station-2 Computer Parts, Cd Rom, Firewire, Computer Parts, Computer Parts, Elec, Equipment, Elec Material, Printer Parts, Laptop, Machine & Spares - Masks, Papers, Rti Tape Chek-Proline Beta Cam Model 410upmed, Pharsight Acertara Company, Wc 017814 Nuts(Plastics), Cable, Bike Matgars, Cutlee - Hammer Cat No. 5811v36n3d, Soft Start Reduced Voltage Motor, Valves, Preservatium Expiraration Noxnumer S.6027343, Closurepacker, Gasket Fiber Glass, Sweet Corn Streamer, Ship's Log Books, Magnetic Compass Lamps, Chub Machine Sizing Parts, Clamps, Bolder Mount, Bolts & Nuts, Spring With Innovative Concept Of Machine, Cables, Tcat Assembly, Pcaa Assembly/Core Anal, Tb Plug, Sambh Card Assembly, Card Hf Ac Supply, Helicopter Pts, Compressors, Turbine Pts, Machinery Genar, Crimp Fittings, Cameras, Marine Parts, Machine Spare P,M Genarator Parts, Cleaner, Wheels (Spare Parts), Coupling Spares (Bolts), Machine Parts, Leybond Special Oil Vaccum's Rubbers Vochures, Amplifier, Gas Analyser Equipment, Valves, Steel Plate Ring, One Box With Parts, Bcr-2, Georem (Certificate For Database), Aviation Regulated Liquid (Anesthetcagets Sevoflurane), - 3.2 Kg, Care Stream Molecular Imaging Equipment, Aircraft Parts (Scews), Groz-Beckart - Rubber Bush, Comvitea Pantanali ( Hexagonal Heads), Bayer Sheet Europe Screws With Bolts, , Joint Parts, Aog ( Aircraft Parts), Simply Flexible , Brikettierbare Muberialen Briquettable Material, Minicota Usb Camera, Aim Mychron - 4 (Kart Tach, Lap Timer, Temprature And Gauge), Mother Board (Electronic Component) , Xlg Probe 6 (Electronic), Electric Chip (Small), Electric Chip (Small), Elec Material, Web Sense V10000 G2, S.No. Jsybsm1, Assembled, Circuit Board, Msrt, Stb Parts, Elec Material, Glyphosate, Elec Material, Dimethyl Sulfox, Components, Part, Tem Monitor, Buisiness Corre, Modulec Gropu, Lab Equipment, Temp Monitor, Parts, Elec Equipment, Lab Equipment, Elec Material, Lab Res Eqpmnt, Ic Sample, Electronic, Elec Equipment, Display Unit, Connectors, Plastic Prod, Usb Pen, Meter, Board Samples, Sound Box, Electron Derice, Elec Material, Calculator, , Tranformers, Cap, Mobile Phones, 16gb I Phone, Tablets, Spare Parts, Mobilephones, Cell Phone Char, Cell Phones, Cellphones& Part, Mobile, Animal Feed, Food Prep, Vegetable, Seed, Milkc, Food Nd Dates, Watermelon Seed, Dates, Feed, Suplements, Gifts, Limestone, Ornaments, Energy Drink Samples, Chocolate Box, Used Cloths, Shampoos, Soaps, Perfumes,, Sleppers, Toys, Cloths & Soaps, Bangels, Cloths, Cloths, Cloths, Used Cloths, Clothes, Sweaters, Used House Hold Items, Plates, Bowls, Used, Cloths , Food Items (Expired), Hp Diaries 162 Nos, Used Cloths, Shoes (1 Set), Food Items, Expired, Cloths, Toys, Clothes, Colors Chalk, Chocolates, Sweet, Strips, Clothes & T-Shirts, T-Shirt, Slippers & Shoes, Used Cloths, Used Cloths, Toys, Perfumes, Soaps, Food, Beezar T-Shirts (Approx 500 Nos.), One Touch Ultra2 Blood Gloucose Meter,, Used Cloths, Samsung 32" Lcd Tv, Model Le32c450e1w,, Used Cloths, Sleepers, Toys, Tea Flasks-2, Used Cloths, Iron Box (New) Box -1 No. , Steel Plates & Cups - 20 Nos., Used Cloths, Toys, Blankets - 2 Nos., Chocolates - Expired, Used Cloths, Speaker Deck - 1 No., Mp3 Player, Make Pioneer | Due on 20-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Business Consultancy | South Africa | TID: 11371815
9 Sale of Redundant Materials, Vibrator Motors, Electrical Motors, HANSEN Gearbox, FORD Tractor Gearbox, Diesel Engine, TOYOTA Diesel Engine, ADE Diesel Engine, IBR Sheets, Conveyor Pulleys, GEC Induction Motor, Various Size Wooden Train Sleepers, Tyres with Rims, Fibreglass Guardhouse, Air Hose, E - Waste. | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Wires and Cables | Maharashtra | TID: 10914892
10 Expression of interests for sale of non moving (unused) spares like Rubber Parts, Belts, Mechanical Parts, Nylon parts, Graphite, Electrical Material, Gaskets, Pulley, Glass parts, General spares, Bearing, Swagelok Parts, Teflon Mtrl, Hardware, Festo Parts, Hydraulics, PALL Filters, SS Machined Parts, Aluminium Material, Dies, Electrical Coils, Transformers, Heaters, Switch, Cards & control cards, SS Machined Parts, HVAC Filters, Valves, Compressor Spares, Chains/Chain parts, Gears & Gear Boxes, Shafts & Its spares, VFD/ Drives, VFD/ Drives, Mass Flow Controllers, Meters, Pneumatic Material, UV Spares, Motors, Regulators, Solenoid Valves, Tools & Tackle, etc. at Waluj, Maharashtra. | Due on 25-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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