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Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 10607981
1 Value: INR 7.12 Million (approx.) | Auction Sale Of Ordinary Portland Cement Brand 'Lucky Cement', Diesel Generator Set "Volvo Penta" Model Tad-740 Ge, Automotive Wiring Harness Assembled, Stc A765 Kv Hardware Fitting For Quad Bersimis Acsr, Auto Parts Such As Glass Beam Sealed, Fuel Pump, Clutch Disc, Carbon Brushes, Glow Plugs Etc, Cable Renault, Electronic Goods Viz. Digital Music Player I.E. Mp3, Mp4, Digital Cameras, Pc Cameras Etc. & Acc, Old & Used Photo Copiers Of Various Models & Brands. I.E. Xerox 1090, 5365,5046,5034,5345,5334 Etc, Nylon Supplex Fabrics With W/R Finished Width, 103 Pkgs (102 Ctns + 1 Roll) Contents, Ceramic Tiles. Each Ctn 88 Pcs, 04 Pallets Containing 6258 Pcs Metal Halida Discharge Lamps Assorted Wattage, No.-Machinery Castilla No. 410/428. Mod Jch 200, Jch 200 Maser Spain, Pallet (2 C/S) Stc 749 Sets – Assembly Disc Spring, 9 Units Manitowoc Crane Parts, 10 Ctns=475 Pcs. Vernier Caliper Dial Caliper, Micrometer, Skd = 154 Ctns = 7500 Pcs Of "Dwyer" Pressure Gauges Of Various Pressures, One Ldd Container - 20'stc 603 Pcs Machinery Items & Tools Return After Completion Of Project, 2 Cases Stc One Shipset Of Marine Reduction Gear Boxes, Pallets Containing Religious Material/Books Of Various Titles, 2 Pallets Components Of Colour Tv Nihan India., 1 Pallet=95 Ctns=Approx 98637 Pcs, 1 Pallet=24 Ctns=Approx 959 Pcs., Total 2 Pallets=119 Ctns= Approx 99596 Pcs, 5 Cases Die Block Machinery Die Blocks, Spares Accessories & Sample Plastic Parts Of Tc Cabinets, 27 Cable Drums. 54812 Mtrs. Optical Fibre Cables. Type 125 M 9/125 Sc M.I. Denmark., Bearings Morris Oxford B4170m & M3157m Connecting Rod Bearings And Main Bearing, 1 Open Flat Container Containing 1 No. Rotary Indexing Spm Machine Base. C/O Usa Machine Type 8 Stn. Rot. Spm. Machine Sr. No.97-316. Container No. Futl 5571671 X 20, Polyester Dyed Fabrics(Various Colours), Used Photo Finishing System With Standard Accessories- Printer Processor Brand" Noritsu", Film Processor Brand "Noritsu", Digital Colour Printer Brand, Used Photo Finishing System With Standard Accessories- Printer Processor, Un worked Rough Semi Precious Stones In Various Shapes (Rose Quartz Stone), Old And Used Tyres Without Tubes. | Due on 29-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10595643
2 Sale/Dismantling Of Old/Obsolete Scrap - Air Separation Plant- Pure Nitrogen Gas Holder, Weighing Cum Tipping Machine, Bag Stitching Machine(Double Headed), Asu (1.60) & Argon Recovery Unit Consisting Of, Following Items- Air Evaporator, Lower Column, Upper Column, Raw Arqon Column, Pure Arqon Column, Electric Nitrogen Heater Steam Heater ,Oxygen Regenerator, Nitrogen Regenerator, Main Condenser, Auxiliary Condenser, Pure Nitrogen Exchanger, Pure Nitrogen Exchanger, Direct Cooler, Argon-Argon Exchanger, Waste Nitrogen Exchange ,Adsorber Of Enriched Liquids, Main Hydrogen Adsorber ,Adsorber Of Auxiliary Condenser ,Fan For Air Perlite Mixuse, Water Separator, Suction Fan, Air Compressor, Steam Turbine For Air Compressor ,Expansion Turbine, Perlite Expansion ,Lnw Section (1.33) - K1 Wash Column ,P Exchanger ,N2 Exchanger, N2 Exchanger, N2 Exchanger ,N2 Exchanger, Expansion Turbine, N2 Compressors ,Feed Gas Absorption Vessels ,Filters ,Filters, Electric Heater, Nitrogen Drying Vessels ,Methanol Storage Tank ,Liquid Fuel Gas Tank, Tail Gas Blower, Air Fan, Wash Pump Asu (1.60) & Argon Recovery Unit- Spray Cooler For Air, Nitrogen Evaporating Waqter Cooler, Oxygen Mixing Evaporator ,Air Receiver, Water Separator, Noise Suppressor, Circulating Water Pump For Air Filter, Circulating Water Pump, Nitrogen Blower, Filter, Argon Gas Compressor, Cooler Of Raw Argon, Pure Argon Heat Exchanger, Electric Heater, Reactor, Compressor House - 2- Steam Release Tank,, Security Oil Tank, Oil Gravity Tank, Steam Release Tank, Steam Silencer, Air Compressor Ac I & Ii-Turbine Rotor -4749,Turbine Rotor -870, Turbine Stator, L.P. Rotor, H.P. Rotor, H.P. Casing, Complete Gear Box, Nitrogen Compressor I& Ii- L.P. Rotor, H.P. Rotor, L.P. Gear Box, H.P. Gear Box, A.S.U. Expansion Turbine- Complete Gear,,, Box, Ammonia Plant- Oil Centrifuge , Usha Telehoist Pump For Water Jet, Ammonia Cooling Tower Pump, Emergency Cooling Tower Pump Recovery Pump, Recovery Pump, Recovery Pump, Argon Gas Compressor, Spray Cooling Pump, Nitrogen Blower, Liquid Argon Pump, Separator, Liquid Argon Storage Tank, , Ammonia Static Equipment- Coal Preparation-, L.D.O., Tank, L.P.G. Storage Tank, Product Bin / Coal Dust Bunker , (I) Retainer , (Ii) Cast Aluminium Ventury, Air Reciever, Surge Vessel, Gasification- Gasifiers, Waste Heat Boiler ,Service Bunker, Feed Bunker, Cooling Washer, Water Separator, Steam Separator, Nitrogen Pressure Vessel , Boiler Drum For Jacket Boiler, Overhead Water Tank, Inst. Air Receiver, Blow Down Tank, Seal Shaft Under Waste Heat Boiler, Flare Seal Pot, Seal Pot For Purging N2 (Whb), Seal Pot For Purging N2 (Esp), Safety Seal Pot (Esp Filter Top), Safety Seal Pot For Raw Gas Blower, Drinage Pot, Seal Pot For Bunker (Pressure Retainers), Flare Stack, Deaerator Cum Storage Tank, Flash Tank, Tsp Dozing Tank, Boiler Feed Water Pump, Hydrazine Dozing, Inst. Air Receiver, Inst. Air Dryer Unit(Old) &Inst.Air Heater, Inst Air Dryer Unit(New) &Dryer Cooler, N2 Storage Vessel, Vertical Tank, Horizontal Tank, Chemical Dozing Tank, Drier Unit, Mixing Nozzle, Silencer, Oxygen Suction Filter, By Pass With Jacket Gasifier, Primary & Secondary Esp, Raw Gas Holder, Oxygen Preheater, Double Screw Conveyor With Piv Gear Box & Level Paddle, &, Item1.1, Coal Dust Feeder(Baily Feeder)With Gear Box, Ash Extractor With Gear Box, Sludge Scraper With Lt & Ht Gear Box, Eot Crane For O2 Compressor, O2 Compressor ,Hot Wash Water Pump, Cold Wash Water Pump, Raw Gas Blower, H.P.B.F.W. Pump & Turbine, Disintegrators, L.P.B.F.W. Pump & Turbine, Quench Water Pump, Flushing Water Pump, Instrument Air Compressor, Nitrogen Compressor, Ash Slurry Pump, Service Air Compressor, Hydrazin Dosing Unit (1 Tank & 2 Pump, Inst. Air Blower, Submersible Pump, Tsp Dosing Pump, Sealing Water Pump, Coal Preparation Plant- Ball Mill With Accessories , Screw Conveyor, Coal Feeder, Lime Stone Feeder , Varimesh Classifier, Mill Exhauster, Lifting Tackles, Cyclone Separator, Hot Air Generator, Tail Gas Burner, Oil Burner, Fuel Oil Pump , Rotary Air Blower, Combustion Air Blower, Vent Blower, Bag Type Dust Collector, Vent Dust Collector, Pnumatic Feeder, Service Boiler And Its Accessories (Sgp) Supplied By Bhel- , Service Boiler Including Pr. Parts, Boiler Drums, Air Heater Etc., Boiler Feed Water Pump(Motor Driven), Boiler Feed Water Pumps (Turbo Driven) Alongwith Turbine, Induced Draft Fan (Id Fans), Forced Draft Fans (Fd Fans), Condensate Pump, Ldo Pump, Fo/Lshs Pump, Lp Dosing Pump, Hp Dosing Pump, Raw Coal Pump, Ignitor Fans, Flue Gas Exit Damper, Scanner Air Fan, Shut Off Dampers, Fd Fans Outlet Dampers, Boiler Auxilary Air Dampers, Dearator, Feed Water Storage Tank, Fq/Lshs Heaters, Soot Blowers, Lp Dosing Tank, Hp Dosing Tank, Ms Stove Valve, Supplied By Others- Fuel Oil Storage Tank, Ldo Storage Tank, Hfo Storage Tank, Light Fuel Oil Day Tank, Heavy Fuel Oil Day Tank, Electro Static Precipitator, Fuel Oil Receipt & Supply Pump, Fuel Oil Supply Pump To Plant, Raw Water Pump & | Due on 09-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10621622
3 Auction Sale of Miscellaneous Items --CPU, Monitor, DOT Matrix Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Formatted terminal, MLT-2000, Metal frame of ACDB, Metal frame of DCDB, Metal frame of IRP Box, Miscellaneous Items ---Damaged Operator Chair, Damaged wire chair, Miscellaneous Items -- Cable drum broken, Wooden box, Wooden ladder, Wooden board, Wooden stool, PVC pipe broken bits, Bore water pipe broken, Plastic cover, Water filter broken, Tube light frame, Aluminum rack, Glass door piece, Wooden box(Packing case), Insulator of Battery sets, Cylinder and pressure meter for Coaxial cable, Foam type cylinder 25 Kg, Aluminum ladder, Broken computer chair, Broken wall mounting fan(Small), Broken pedestal fan, “S” type chair, Easy chair, Run way, Iron materials, Steel pipe cot broken, Aluminum patrician pieces, Black plastic can (capacity 35 lit) broken, Relay set, Iron Rack frame, Ever silver drum, Broken diesel drum, Recovered engine oil with cane, Monitor , CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, VDU, Printer, Miscellaneous Items --Switch board cable of different lengths, Bits of jumper wire, Bits of switch board cable of different length, Miscellaneous Items- Exhaust fan, Battery charger, EB Main switch, Power Capacitor for 10 KVA, Voltage stabilizer, 3 Phase Compressor Motor , Broken ceiling fan with 3 leaves, Miscellaneous Items -- 5/0.5 PIJF Cable Bits, Miscellaneous Items -- EPBT instrument, Caller ID Instrument, WLL SMPS, 2 KVA Inverter (Electronics and Control Power system ), 1000 AH Battery , Miscellaneous Items ----- Krone tool, LJU Plastic Items, Iron items, Iron battery stand. | Due on 02-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 10623806
4 Auction sale of Miscellaneous items, X ray machine, BP instrument, needle crusher, plastic doll, suction machine, stethoscope, artery forceps, iron, bed side locker, plastic container, chair, ILR fridge, locker, computer, iron bed, notice board, mini RO, iron rod, ILR stabilizer, voltmeter, baby weight scale, lead apron, lad apron, costume, lead reflector, cautery, forceps, needle holder, strip scissor, lekainal director, parker knife handle, needle, skill surgical stood, hospital utility forceps, canula, letino scopemeter, everedy battery torch, vision chart wooden box, bino max, charging battery torch, Xerox machine, fax machine, computer monitor, CPU, printer, battery, iron chair, water sample kit, weighing scale, BP instrument, water cooler stand, table, cooker, steel jug, maternity kit, bad side locker, aluminium tray, vaccine carrier, thermocoal seat, almirah, monitor, printer, CPU cabinet, aquaguard, UPS, monocular microscope, sterilizer, weighing scale in glass box, electric gas distil water plant, ESR stand, measuring cylinder, measuring glass beaker, glass bowl, glass jar, electro foresees etc. (Gujarati Document) | Due on 08-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 10632017
5 Auction Sale of Perishable Goods, Chemicals, Drugs & Drugs Intermediates, Cosmetics & Liquors - Seeds of Cedrus Deodara, Donated Breast Implants, 3 Ctns=90 Plastic Bottles Of Plant Bio Fertiliser Nbp 4 L, 1 Pallet=40 Bags=Pre Mix For Pet Food 7494 Trigaroy Cat Profip.Batch No.652554,Prod Dt.April 2013,Exp. Date April 2014.Country Of Origin Germany, 1pallet Contg.160 Pkgs As Under 150 Pkgs Cocktail Majito Past.6x1 Kg, Prod.Dt.13.07.2013, Best Before 12.07.2014. 5 Pkgs Exotic Pina Colada Cocktail 6x1 Kg, Prod.Dt.31.05.2013, Best Before 30.05.2014 5 Pkgs Fully Pabana Cocktail 6x1 Kg, Prod.Dt.20.06.2013, Best Before 19.06.2014 M.I.France, Video Cassette Tapes A)5920 Pcs Panasonic Video Cassettes Tapes - E-30, B) 3250 Pcs Panasonic Video Cassettes Tapes E-60. All Recorded Cartoon Tapes For Children Made In Usa, 1 Drum X 245 Kgs - Prefere 14l178 (Liquid) Mfd.Dt.24.08.2005 3 P/Bags X 25 Kgs - Prefere 24l632 (Powder) Mfd.Dt-26.07.05 (Phenolic Resin) Made In Singapore, 21 Pkgs.=Massage Chairs (In Skd Condition), Steel Moulds,Racks, Angles,Old & Used Blower Chairs And Glass Table Etc, Radiator Made Of Aluminium With Plastic Tanks Of Various Nos. =Srno-No Of Radiator-Total Pcs= 1)M003380-Ap-1 Pc, 2)M003412-Ap-3 Pcs,3)M003447-Ap-2 Pcs,4)M003508- Ap-1 Pc, 5)M003350-Ap-3 Pcs, 6) M003512-Ap-1 Pc, Total-11 Pcs. Country Of Origin India, Stc Bovine Leather Chrome Tanned 1)539.00 Sq/Ft Of Black Colour, 523.25 Sq/Ft Of Blue Colour. Total 1062.25 Sq.Ft, 3 Ctns Containing One Set Of Auto Vehicle Bumper (Steel) (Spare Parts). M.I.Hongkong, 1 Plt-8 Poly Bags Contents As Under 2 Bags Cna Expansive Agent, Bags-Anhydrite 2 Bags-Csa Binders 2 Bags-Csa Binders-Hf. Each Bag = 25 Kgs. M.I.China., Machinery (Heating Element Along With Accessories), Plastic Glue 245 (Liquid Form) Non-Hazardous, (398 P/Bags+ 17 I/Steel/Drum + 1 Plastic Drum) Wire Drawing Powder, 10,000 Pcs Components Of Energy Saving Lamp (I.E. Cfl Lamps) 1 Pack = 8u = 4 Pcs 25 W. 6500 K Length Of Tube 4" Thickness Of Tube 1 Cm, Containing 6 Pcs Control Voltage Csp - 100, Brand Serra, 24dc M. I. France, Pressurization & Ventilation System, 03 Nos. P.V. Intake Fan Csd-400 6 P-3isc, 03 Nos. P.V. Intake Fan Csd-400 6 P-3 Isc, 06 Nos. P.V. Exhaust Fan Apk 500/9-9/25/Ppg/4z.1g.1a.1f, Stc Insitu Telecom Systems And Insitu, Csd 400 Ccw 1500 W 6p-3, 1 Sc,Code Mkcb Gb 001500, Schneiler Electric Ogip Power To Esp Project, Insitu Voip Telecom Systems, 15 Pcs Hose Pipes. Size Each Pipe, Mixture For Filler In The Form Of White Powder 330/410/412 S.V. And Coloured Sand Colour Black / White / Grey M. I. Germany, 1 Pkg Contents = 1 No.Twin Breather Assy. With 15 Nb Pipe Silicagel Breather Clear View Design Style - St 604634 Gel Qty - 10 Kgs Year 2009 Serial Nos. - 20-3714 And 20-3715, Pallet=16 Cartons 192 Bottles Of 1 Litre Each Ajax, , 4 Cartons=48 Bottles Ajax Frais, 4 Cartons=48 Bottles Ajaxcitrus Vert, 4 Cartons=48 Bottles Of Ajax Bicarbonate, 4 Cartons=48 Bottles Ajax Eucalyptus, Country Of Origin - Reunion Island, 01 Pallet=34 Cartons Containing 4224 Pcs Epoxy Putty Stick Steel, Used Machinery Parts As Under 2 Hooper, 1 Tank, 1 Ladder With Spares, 1 Pkg = 3 Ctns Contents 60 Copies Of Books. Title "World Hotels Portfolio 2011/12". Unique Hotels For Unique People. Pages, One Ctn Containing Total 5 Pcs. Of String Waind Water Filter Cartridges, Desc 729 Pcs As Under 310 Pcs. Advertising Pamplets,4 Pcs Plastic Advertising Boards,394 Pcs. Pvc Heat Shrink Plastic For Labelling Samples Of Various Brands Such As Guruji,Ishrambu,Ajanta, Diamond Gel Etc (To Be Mutilated), 7 Pcs Pvc Heat Shrink Sleeves Various Colours & Sizes,3 Pcs Microtape, Adhesive Small Tape Sample,1 Pc Empty King Brand Tape Sample,1 Pc Apex Self Adhesive Tape,1 Pc Self Adhesive Tape,2 Pcs Blue Bird Brand Foam Tape Self Adhesive,1 Pc Blue Bird Brand Double Side Adhesive Foam Tape, 2 Pcs Garnet Rayon Thread,1 Pc Garnet Of Nylon Thread & 2 Pcs Emplty Plastic Bottle. Total 729 Pcs, 20 Ctns = 120 Pcs. (Copies) Hotel Directories Year 2011 (20th Anniversary Year) (Small Luxury Hotels Of The World). Published By Global Management Company Of Slh Of The World, 5 Boxes Contents 1 Pc.Wooden Cradle Size L-140"X W-92" X Th-30",1 Pc. Submarine Pump Model Sp-5200 Ac 220-240 V 50 Hz 60 W,1 Pc. Stone Made Statue Of Buddha Partly Damaged Size 42"X24"Alongwith Various Sized Stone Pcs. M.I.Indonesia., One Ctn=(5 Plastic Cans + 3 Plastic Bottles) Contg., 1 Can=Dia Bright Eb-6 Kgs. 1 Can=Super Bright
501 Add-7 Kgs., 1 Can=Al Clean
1000-4 Kgs. 1 Can=Ahn Additive-5 Kgs., 1 Can=Dia Eo Colour-11 Kgs. 1 Bottle-Sxi Electrolyte Colouring, Stabilizer-1 Kg. 1 Bottle-Seal Hl 901 - 1 Kg., 1 Bottle-Inhibitor-1 Kg. Made In Korea, Pkgs = Optical Lenses, Brochures, Stikers Etc, Stc 250 Pairs Of Optical Lenses In Assorted Sizes/Power, 60 Kgs. (Approx.) Printed Advertising Material In The Form Of Brochures And Stickers, 6 Pkgs. = 2 Sets Of Skylight Accessoreis, 535 Sky Tunnel Warehouses Kits = 1 Set. 343 Sky Tunnel 3 M Flexi Tube, 5 Blue Coloured Iron/Ste
| Due on 05-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10534257
6 Auction sale of Dark Blue Reflective Glass. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Non Classified | Multi State | TID: 10559168
7 Sale of Waste / Scrap of Iron & Steel all Types of Miscellaneous Items(Note No gas cutting is allowed, Waste / Scrap of Iron & Steel Turning & Boring Scrap, Waste / Scrap of all types of Wood (as is where is condition''), Waste / Scrap of Cardboard & PaperNOTE ?This scrap has to be cleared on "as is where is co, Waste/Scrap of all types of Rubber Items, Waste / Scrap of Glass (broken), Waste / Scrap of Empty Carton Drums, Empty Plastic Barrel of 210 Ltr.Capacity (KSPCB), Empty Damaged Plastic Barrel of 210 Ltr. Capacity (KSPCB), Empty M S Barrels of 210 Ltr. Capacity (KSPCB), Empty Damaged M S Barrels of 210 Ltr. Capacity (KSPCB), Empty MS Drums of 20 Ltr. Capacity (KSPCB), Empty Damaged M S Drums of 20 Ltr. Capacity (KSPCB), Empty / Damaged Steel Cans below 5 Ltr. Capacity (Incl. 5 Ltrs cap.) (KSPCB) , Used Oil in 210 Ltr. Plastic Barrel without decanting of water (CPCB & KSPCB), Used Oil in 210 Ltr. M S Barrel without decanting of water (CPCB & KSPCB), Plastic Barrel 210 Ltr. Capacity with Used / Waste Coolant (without coolant properties) (KSPCB), MS Steel Barrel 210 Ltr. Capacity with Used / Waste Coolant (without coolant properties) (KSPCB) , Waste / Scrap Lead Acid Battery (CPCB & KSPCB), Used / Waste Hydraulic Scrap Filters (KSPCB), etc. | Due on 23-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10562020
8 Auction Sale of Empty Metal Drum, Iron, Ms & Gi Scrap, Glass Scrap, Plastic, Rubber And Pvc Scrap, Ms Pipes, Ss Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Metal Drum Scrap. | Due on 23-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | West Bengal | TID: 10562230
9 Auction Sale of Steel / M S Turning & Boring, N F Scrap C 5 3, Brass Turning & Boring, Open Quota, Composite Ferrous Scrap Mixed With Concrete, Aluminium Turning & Boring, Aluminium Scrap Gr 1, Brass Scrap 65/35, U/S Ms Empty Paint Drum 20/25 Ltrs, U/S Broken Glass Of Lamps And Tube Lights, Brass And Aluminium Swarf, Unserviceable Computer With Accessories. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Bihar | TID: 10570160
10 Auction Sale of Condemned Store, Clothing/Tentage Store, Components Of Waste Electrical Assemblies, Battery, Moulded/Plastic Chair, Pipes Other Plastic Items, Glass Material, Jungle Shoes, Sports Shoes And Tube/Flaps, Burnt Oil. | Due on 29-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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