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Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 12615780
1 Value: INR 8.31 Lakh (approx.) | Auction Sale of Perishable goods, chemicals, drugs & drugs intermediates, cosmetics & liquors, Donated Breast Implants, 120 Ctns=720 Bottles Of 750 Ml, Alchemia Infusion By Gin Brokers, 3 Ctns=90 Plastic Bottles, Puncture Sealant, Lecithin Has Emulsification & Lubricant Properties, 01 Plt Stc 24 Plastic Drum Contents Carbamezapine Bp, 1 Plt=5 Ctns Cntg. Metalic Silver Edible Glitter, Levofloxacin Hemihydrate, Bacardi Rum Light Dry White And Gold Carta Blanc, Johnie Walker'brand Blue Lable Blended Scotch Whisky, Irish Whisky Brands, Old Monk Rum Bottles, Martini Rosso Vermouth, Wine Bottles, One Case Containing=2 Empty Cylinders, Steel Empty Cylinders, Empty I/Steel Cylinder With Nozzle Length 40 Cms Diameter 9 Cms, Small Cylinders, Empty Cylinder, Empty Aluminium Cylinder Of Calibration Kit, Cylinder Rusty, Lpg Canister, Cartons Contg. 39 Pieces Of 100% Cotton Fabrics, Textiles I.E. Printed Fabircs, Video Cassette Tapes, Ladies Garments, La Senza' Brand Ladies Graments, Drum X 245 Kgs - Prefere 14l178 (LIQUID), Ladies Knitted Briefs, Polyester Fabric, Width-44, Railroad Cross Ties, Cotton Fabrics Width 160 Cms, Silk Woven Kimono, Lining Fabrics Of Thin Silk Width, Massage Chairs (IN Skd Condition), Steel Moulds,Racks, Angles,Old & Used Blower Chairs And Glass Table, Aluminium With Plastic Tanks, Poly Bags Contents, Machinery (HEATING Element Along With Accessories)(Old And Used), (398 P/Bags+ 17 I/Steel/Drum + 1 Plastic Drum) Wire Drawing Powder, Empty Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crate Broken Planks, Fly Ash. Export Cargo, Panasonic Ideas, Wooden Box, Pressurization & Ventilation System, Pcs Hose Pipes, Mixture For Filler In The Form Of White Powder, Twin Breather Assy. With 15 Nb Pipe Silicagel Breather Clear View Design Style, Container, Wooden Packing Material, Epoxy Putty Stick Steel, Hooper, 1 Tank, String Waind Water Filter Cartridges, One Ctn=(5 Plastic Cans + 3 Plastic Bottles), Optical Lenses, Brochures, Stikers, Wooden Pallets, Used Gear Box For Old Austin Car Gear Box, Paper Carry Bags/Folders & Magazines, Hcg Boxes (UNFOLDED Card Board Boxes). Wooden Box Stc 01 Iron & Steel Cylinder Containing Oil Seperator, Crate Stc Metal Display Stands, Grinding Wheel Naxos Diskus Brand, Bags Contents, Level Pressure Switches, Function Switches, Control Panel Assembly, Pcs Plastic Earring Insert, M.S. Hollow Pipes-6 Nos. With Welded Joints, M.S.Drilling Pipes, 1 Pc. Isolated Spare Of Crane, Loose Wire Rod Round Coils Rusty And Pitted, Steel Rail Tracks, Steel Wire Coils Rusty And Pitted, Fire Proof Shutter Of Universal Film Projector, Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate Rangolite, Pcs.Development System, Fcl Container, Empty Wooden Spools, Bag Stc Organic Pigments, Shaped Cement Block With Two Iron Hooks, Security Systems, Bali Spectacle Lens, Chemiview Goggle Polycarbonate, Ventura Goggle Polycarb Lens,Metal Visor Carrier, Polycarb Clear Visor,Unvented Blue Ratchet Helmets | Due on 22-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 12530078
2 Auction Sale Of Electrical And Electronics Items, Computer And Accessories Items, Ferrous Items (other Than Iron) And Empty, Utensils Items (aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass), Plastic And Rubber (tyres, Tubes, Flaps Etc) Items, Cotton Items (niwar Etc), Misc Items Which Is Not Covered Above, Wooden Items, Clothing Items Normal, Clothing Items E. I, Plastic And Rubber, Cotton Items, 21 Used And Burnt Oil, 22 Glass Items, 23 Sanitary Items, 24 Miscellaneous Items, Wooden Items, Clothing Items, Electric & Electronic Item, Ferrous Items, Utensils Items (aluminium, Steel, Copper, Brass Etc.), Plastic And Rubber (tyre, Tube Flaps Etc.) Items, Cotton Items (niwar Etc.), Iron Items, Tent Normal. | Due on 19-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 12636877
3 Auction Sale of Mechanical surplus items, right turning tool holder bit, double ended boring bar bit, boring bar double ended one piece of squ re bit, lathe m/c carrier bend tail, pmc insta check ml 72 magnetic, thrminal chart paper recording width 4x50mm nos 49 for recorder model, red colour gauge glass strip, green gauge glass strips, gear, pinion shaft, lock nut, lock washer, spacer, carbon ring of rotor drive assembly, greater spring for carbon ring of rotor drive nos 12 assly, dodge taper lock bush, holding strip, hounding strip radial seal.he intermediate, seat straight edge assembly size & type 26h96, radial seal strakight assembly, pinion air seal cover, drift taper pin, pipe bracket assembly, suport plate, centre support plate, over running clutch, compressed air filter for air motor, lubricator for air preheater filter, air pre heater oil cooler, oil seal, trunnion bolt, bolt eye collar, spring grid, cable seat, hp welding plate, bearing housing, scoring disc for kay 812 wc model twin lobe blower, distance piece, lock washer, external circlip, seal sleeve, taper bush, timing gears, lock nut for gear locking, presser relief valve checking. carrying roller, bevel gear(37t) p.n0.106 mounted on pinion shaft nos 2 p.n0111 & match with bevel gear, helical gear, bearing ucp l 211 flanged bearing mt-3, input gear, carrying idler, flange, skirt rubber, rain cap p.n0.9 for belt conveyor roller, dust seal, labyrinth inner & outer, variable speed pulley belt 800x25w, cl speed variable pulley, industrial sprockets, adjustable heat and oil resistant polyster cord, gasket, teflon gasket for partetion plate for carbonate nos 5 condenser e-5 (p. no. 61a), cast able pc/cast 606, complete piston, endless bag divertor belts, balljoint, bag divertor tail pulley shaft, rubber ring, wire rope, crank shaft assembly, t. crane valve seat, crane valve exhaust, crane collect, crane water pump repair kit, crane rectifier unit, crank shaft, connecting rod, worm wheel bronze, top spilot, worm wheel, 0 ring set, guide ring shaft seal side, collet,g,ring for shaft seal ek4 comp am, locking plate, gasket for valve plate upper, oil filter, plunger for high pressure water jetting pump, seal kit for foot valve of high pressure water jetting pump, automatic unloader of water jetting pump, packings o' ring etc for stuffing box, hand chain sheel, gear with pinion, hand chain wheel traveling, loud axle folr me 41 spares, pinion, support brg ucf 205j dia 40, hydraulic oil pump, mp oil filter, relief valve, cylinder seal packing set for hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder packing seal set, oil pump, flow control valve, motor drum, tail pulley, idlers, pillow block brg ring, hyo hose, hydraulic hose pipe, thrust brg ross 500 dia, support hinge elastic, hydraulic hose, piston seal spares for hydraulic cylinder, static seal ring, solenoid coil, static sealing rin, suction strainer for flow regltor, brass nozzle for spray pond. | Due on 09-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Tamil Nadu | TID: 12533542
4 Value: INR 3.24 Million | Clearance of all blackened wood and wood based packing materials with fasteners, nails, hoop iron bands, including those detached from the wood, small portion of cut trees, tree leaves, hays, dried grass, small pieces of compreg off cuts, broken FRP items including broken windows, plastic sheets, broken plastic containers, waste paper, thermo coal, card board, carbon paper, form based packing materials, broken glass of all types, broken ceramic items of all types, broken ceramic items of all types like commode, wash basin, insulators etc, unusable rubber items, muddy waste and all other non metal packing materials which are aun usable to ICF. | Due on 05-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Sri Lanka | TID: 12312932
5 Sale of Discarded Items (glass, plastic bottles, saline bottles, aluminum vessels, x-ray cards, x ray waste water, coconut shells, tyres, tubes all kitchen waste items, cardboard, paper). | Due on 19-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Sri Lanka | TID: 12422198
6 Sale of Discarded items (Glass, Plastic Bottles/ Saline Bottles/ Aluminium Vessels/ X-Ray Card, X-Ray Waste Water/ Coconut Shells, Tyres, Tubes/ all Kitchen waste items/ Cardboard/ Paper etc.). | Due on 19-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Petroleum Products | Sri Lanka | TID: 12434898
7 Sale of Unserviceable Used Steel Items, Tyres, Glass Tubes, etc. | Due on 31-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Administrative Offices | Delhi | TID: 12463890
8 Disposal of unserviceable/ condemned items - Calculator, Lamination Machine, Almiraha steel Big size, Almiraha steel Small size, Table steel clerk / officer, Table wooden clerk, Chair Steel canned, Chair PC revolving low back, Chair officer revolving, Chair visitors steel cushion, Rack side wooden small, Chair sofa cane wooden, Center table wooden, Sofa single seater, Sofa three seater, Rack steel small, Rack steel medium, Reception Chair Steel 13x3 & 01, TV trolley Wooden, Book Selves steel medium/small, Chair wooden Examination/visitor, Chair Steel / plastic, Scrap steel (grill, door, WS frame,, door closer, hydraulic, pipes, tin sheet,, grill gate ) in ton, Trolley, Rack wooden Big, Chair Cushion wooden, Almiraha Wooden Small, Aluminium Door, Fire Buckets, Fire Extinguisher cylinder, Scrap wooden/Boards (Kgs), Suitcase plastic, Brass Planters, Hon`ble Chairmen Names board, (Brass Names), Heat blower/convector, Hot Case Electric, Pedestal Fan, Desert Cooler steel, Desert Cooler Plastic, Transformer/stabilizers big/small, Table Lamp, Wall Clock, Aqua Guard, Wall mounted fan, Room revolving Heater, Water Cooler, Wall clocks, Microwave, Revolving chairs, Tyres, Scrap – metal, spare parts, plastic,, glasses etc, Canteen Steel table structure, Oven large size, Toaster, Microwave oven(Hot Case), OTG, Writing table (broken pieces).Terms and conditions etc.-reg. | Due on 19-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Sri Lanka | TID: 12464314
9 Purchase of Discarded items from the hospital (Glass, plastic bottles, saline bottles, coconut shells, X-ray cards, washed discarded liquid, plastic, woods, equipment, iron, computers, air conditioners & card boards). | Due on 20-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Tamil Nadu | TID: 12510742
10 Auction sale of old damaged material – table steel, wooden doors, iron material, wooden rack, steel rack, currency note sorting machine, lube light, clock, steel bench, sofa, wooden draw, chairs, S type chair, computer chair, manager rolling chair, sofa set, iron doors, glass doors, aluminum, iron chair, general set, spring set, cycle, branch name board, iron roll, electrical wire, steel table, steel door, ac aluminum, ac S type, PVC pipe, banking hall aluminum, scrap material, engine parts, aluminum MS rods, electrical spares, falls ceiling aluminum beading materials, duct able ac unit, SF sonic jumbo, SF power box, exide express MHD 800, numeric, panasonic LC, exide power safe, kirlosaker TV water cooled generator set, air cooled generator set, V air cooled generator set, air cooled generator set, portable generator set, printer, computer CPU, scanner, 14 CRT colour monitor, burgular alarm control unit, old type invertor, aqura guard water purifier, copper pipes, computer spares & key boards. (Scanned Image - Tamil Tender). | Due on 29-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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